MODE 2022
15 October
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A brand new music and arts festival reaching forward and exploring electronica’s potential. MODE is an ambitious sonic spectacle - aspirational and ever-changing. A transformative event built for futurist expression. Elevated dance music that probes, bound by an expansive visual arts experience. No matter the method - get lifted by club culture’s most magnetic new forms. Produced by the brains of Bizarro - MODE takes form on 15th October 2022 within the monolithic surrounds of Wareamah (Cockatoo Island, Industrial Precinct). Celebrate brash outsiders and the daring vanguard. Across three absorbing stages find genre-bending DJs, producers, live and visual artists who rightly stake their claim as some of the world’s most singular. MODE will host electronica’s most novel figures for an all-day dance odyssey like no other.
  • Adam Pits &
    Lisene (UK) (live)
  • Anuraag (AU)
  • Aurora Halal (USA) (live)
  • Cousin (AU) (live)
  • Crescendoll (AU)
  • Djrum (UK)
  • E. Fishpool (AU) (live)
  • Etapp Kyle (UA)
  • Fibre Optixxx (AU)
  • KI/KI (NL)
  • Kia (AU)
  • Kritty (AU)
  • LOIF (AU)
  • Maara (CAN)
  • Nat Salih (AU)
  • OK EG (AU) (live)
  • Priori (CAN) (live)
  • upsammy (NL)
  • Wata Igarashi (JAP)
Cockatoo Island
For more than 65,000 years prior to European settlement Wareamah was a site of immense cultural significance for the Wallumedegal, Wangal, Cammeraygal and Gadigal people comprising the Eora Nation. Wareamah translates to ‘Women’s Place’ as the island was traditionally used by women in cultural ceremony and for birthing.
The physical signs of the Eora's connection to Cockatoo Island were destroyed over time, likely commencing in 1839 when the Governor of New South Wales, chose Cockatoo Island as the site of a new penal establishment.
The natural balance of the island was disturbed by gunpowder blasting rocks and convicts manually excavating the site. Over time, industrial waste and the continual disturbance of the environment eroded any physical evidence of First Nations Peoples stewardship or culture on the island.
In more recent history, Wareamah has become a site of First Nation’s struggle against the damages of colonisation.
In 2000, a branch of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy set up a camp for four months on the island to gain back Native Title over the island due to its cultural significance. Isabel Coe, the group’s leader stating:
“This would have been a very sacred site. It is where the rivers join and is in the middle of where the sun rises and sets over the harbour. It is part of the milky way dreamtime stories”
Although this group was unsuccessful in reclaiming their rightful ownership of the island, physical evidence of Indigenous culture was once again restored to the Island through murals depicting the Aboriginal Flag and native animals.
Since then, Wareamah has become a site of reconciliation, managed by the Harbour Trust with consultation from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. Efforts to reconcile commenced in 2020 with the Reconciliation Action Plan.
We feel immensely grateful to have the support of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council to use the space for Mode Festival.
Mode Festival’s arts programme will operate as a broad opportunity for local artists to showcase experimental forms of expression.
For our inaugural year, the key theme is"Speculative Futures", developed by artistic director Tiarna Herzceg. The arts programme will be given the opportunity to utilise a wealth of unique spaces in the island’s industrial precinct. Art - in any form - will have the ability to employ space in ways that are rarely available within traditional settings.
Mode’s arts programme will be open for individual or collective proposals to all via the form below. Artists are asked to provide a biography, thematic statement, artwork proposal, brief sketches or drafts, technical/logistical requirements, and any links to video documentation. Mode Festival will cover all transport and administrative costs involved with bringing your work to and from the festival. If you require further financial assistance, please contact us at
Submissions are now closed. Our programme will be announced soon!
You can find images of most of the spaces available for use here.
Cockatoo Island internal machinery
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